We’ll start at Village Café (carrera 8 #64-29, the purple little house) at 8:30 pm.

We’ve got a luxury van that will be always available for us, and YES it has WIFI.

As long as you are able to walk around a little and to have fun, you’re a perfect fit for this tour.

We’ll be at Village Café from 9:00 pm to 10:00. We have a no refund policy for after 10:00 pm arrivals.

Yes! It´s straight friendly 😀

Tips are not included in the price.

We do! Just contact us and let us know your preferences to organize a customized tour.

We’ll have secure taxis available at the exit of the last club.

100% Refund in case the tour doesn’t operate.

We have a 90% refund policy before friday 6:00 pm, to cover up for transaction costs.

Each guide host up to 13 scouts.